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It is not necessary to promote news, if it talks about the truth, only the truth!

The Delhi news is really significant and there are so many news providers competing with each other in the race of who is providing the news first? Numerous media channels have taken birth in Delhi and there are also dedicated news channels like, NDTV, CNN IBN, local news channels, newspapers, online news websites, etc… that are keen in publishing the news at a faster pace and also at the first place.



People, who are in the media industry, or who are in the positions of disseminating the information, they should take some personal responsibility in spreading the right kind of information at the right time. This is the basic ethics of disseminating any information. Especially the people, who are involved in publishing the political news, must ensure the reliability and truth of the news before publishing it. This is really significant, because these channels, paper sources and online news sources are acting as the bridging channels of communicating the Delhi happenings to the rest of the country. Being a capital and political hub, it is important to know the exact details of the capital city. Instead of fighting for the first place of disseminating the information, these sources should fight for rights in publishing and providing the right type information to the rest of the country.

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